The Badminton Course

Course designed by Peter McEvoy. Opened in June 2002.

The Badminton Course

Holes 19-27. Opened 2002, designed by Peter McEvoy.

The Badminton Course at The Kendleshire

Course designed by Peter McEvoy. Opened in June 2002.

Total yardage:

  • Black tees 3029yds.
  • Purple tees 2809yds.
  • Green tees 2485yds.
  • Blue tees 2015yds.

The Badminton Course Film

Golf course map

Course Map


B=322yds, par 4.
P=297yds, par 4.
G=297yds, par 4.
B=195yds, par 4.

Check out where the pin is before hitting your tee shot. The green is shallow and getting the right angle with your approach shot is vital if you want to get close. Don’t underestimate the carry over the lake from the back tees, especially if it is your first shot of the day.


B=400yds, par 4.
P=385yds, par 4.
G=328yds, par 4.
B=276yds, par 4.

This right-handed dog-leg needs to be carefully thought-out. If you are going to take a driver from the tee make sure you go down the right-hand side of the hole. A long iron or fairway wood from the tee down the left gives you a longer shot into the green but might be the wiser option. The fun starts when you get on the green. Don’t go past the pin whatever you do.


B=451yds, par 4.
P=418yds, par 4.
G=353yds, par 5.
B=296yds, par 5.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! The walk up to the tee is well worth it as the view is lovely. Then decide on whether you can fly the ditch or lay-up and leave a 200yd shot into a green that sits at 90° to the fairway and was not really designed to take long shots. Take a four on this hole with glee!


B=191yds, par 3.
P=175yds, par 3.
G=137yds, par 3.
B=127yds, par 3.

One club less, rather than more, is the sensible option on this slightly downhill par3. If the flag is on the right-hand side of the green play conservatively and accept a three (rather than risk the slopes and the water that border the green).


B=374yds, par 4.
P=353yds, par 4.
G=327yds, par 4.
B=232yds, par 4.

This hole is all about the approach to the green. A false front and two levels with murderous slopes give you plenty to think about. If you go past the flag take your medicine and three, rather than two, shots to finish the hole.


B=166yds, par 3.
P=151yds, par 3.
G=123yds, par 3.
B=118yds, par 3.

A lovely par3 straight down hill. Once again the green is the key to this hole – if the flag is right or front of the green be very worried if your ball is to the left or past the hole location.


B=472yds, par 4.
P=438yds, par 4.
G=416yds, par 4.
B=349yds, par 4.

Out of bounds all the way up the left-hand side of this long par4 so the right is where most people go. Be careful as the trees are thick and numerous over here as well. A very fair, bowl-like green which gathers your ball. Beware the bunker that sits 20yds short and right of the green.


B=480yds, par 5.
P=448yds, par 5.
G=394yds, par 5.
B= 316yds, par 5.

A good birdie opportunity. Hit your tee shot down the left-hand side of this blind fairway. Once on the short stuff the ball will run for miles. From here if you can miss the pot bunker that guards the right half of the green a four should be very possible.


B=173yds, par 3.
P=144yds, par 3.
G=110yds, par 3.
B=106yds, par 3.

This course finishes with a lovely short hole. With a good score already likely I would suggest the front of the green should be your target, regardless of where the flag is. Left and short is far better than pin-high and right!

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