The Hollows Course

Course designed by Adrian Stiff. Opened in May 1997.

The Hollows Course

Holes 1-9. Opened 1997, designed by Adrian Stiff.

The Hollows Course at The Kendleshire

Course designed by Adrian Stiff. Opened in May 1997.

Total yardage:

  • Black tees 3252yds.
  • Purple tees 2988yds.
  • Green tees 2631yds.
  • Blue tees 2129yds.

The Hollows Course Film

Golf course map

Course Map


B=330yds, par 4.
P=295yds, par 4.
G=285yds, par 4.
B=209yds, par 4.

Either hit a club that can’t get to the fairway traps or one that gets past them in the air. A well-known, long-time member always scores a 6 on this hole in medals, so beware treating it with contempt!


B=171yds, par 3.
P=148yds, par 3.
G=131yds, par 3.
B=113yds, par 3.

The first of the short holes on this loop… missing the green on the left is not good news. Neither is putting from the top tier when the flag is downstairs.


B=538yds, par 5.
P=531yds, par 5.
G=454yds, par 5.
B=379yds, par 5.

A relatively straightforward par5 if you find the fairway from the tee. The firs on the left are now a nuisance so no safe route down here any more. A real birdie chance for the big hitters – just beware the well-placed bunkers on the downhill approach.


B=384yds, par 4.
P=323yds, par 4.
G=285yds, par 4.
B=196yds, par 4.

A simply great par4 and proves the old adage that strength isn’t everything. Hit a tee shot as close to the fairway bunkers as you dare, and the second shot becomes easier. Play away from the traps and if the flag is on the back tier be very careful with your approach shot or water awaits. Four is always a good score on this hole!


B=540yds, par 5.
P=515yds, par 5.
G=485yds, par 5.
B=388yds, par 5.

All about being able to get plenty of club on your second shot here, so make sure and catch the fairway. The steep approach flattens off from 100yds in but you need to stay left. Avoid a well-placed bunker before you can play a measured approach to a deceptively-long green.


B=203yds, par 3.
P=148yds, par 3.
G=127yds, par 3.
B=121yds, par 3.

A challenging ‘long’ short-hole, best approached from the right hand side of the green as missing left invariably means a four!


B=469yds, par 4.
P=433yds, par 4.
G=314yds, par 4.
B=276yds, par 4.

What a tee shot this has become, especially from the back tees. The long approach to this green also needs your full attention as missing it either left or right will almost certainly lead to a very tricky bunker shot. Consider playing one club less than you think and playing a chip shot from the front-left of the green.


B=477yds, par 5.
P=477yds, par 4.
G=447yds, par 5.
B= 347yds, par 5.

Another cracking driving hole which gets better every year as the trees grow ever taller. Keep to the right half of the fairway as everything left will be blocked out. The safe play with your second is to lay-up short of the ‘seven sisters’ that guard the front of the green. A very fair green gives you plenty of chances when you are on board.


B=140yds, par 3.
P=118yds, par 3.
G=103yds, par 3.
B=100yds, par 3.

A lovely par3 that looks ever so easy from the tee. The problems arise if you don’t get the right club in your hands. Miss this green and a par is hard to come by.

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